Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much customization do you allow when placing an order?
A.  The sky’s the limit! Most of what I offer in the shop can be completely customized
      to fit your absolute heart’s desire. There are a few items, however, that just for cost-
      effective reasons as a buyer, may not be the best choices for major customization
      revisions. Just let me know if you’re in question about a particular style and I’ll
      gladly work with you to create the best buying scenario for you.

Q. How long does each keepsake take you to create?
A. Depending on whether you choose something already in my shop or not has a great
     deal to do with how long it takes me to create your one of a kind keepsake. Once style,
     colors, theme, etc. have been decided, I then begin designing your block using your
     photos and personalization. After that it’s on to the print and application process,
     followed by all the finishing details. Two to three hours is a pretty close estimate on
     how long it takes to get your keepsake designed and ready for shipping.

Q. Why the name Cupcake Keepsakes?
A.   One day a few months back I started thinking about the similarities between
        traditional cupcakes and what I create here in my shop. It was during a time when I  
        was working on a particular customer’s order. As I admired the finished product, I   said to myself, “Cute as a cupcake!” That’s what kicked off the idea. Like the traditional cupcake we all know and love, I felt mine were just as cute, about the same size, sweet to give, and were topped with a kind of decorative “frosting” of its own. I love the idea of creating something with photos that marks a special time in someone’s life, hence, the “Keepsakes” part of it.

Q. Are there any other occasions you create “Keepsakes” for that are not in your shop?
A.  Honestly, it would take me a very, very long time to fill my shop up with all the occasions that my creations would make great keepsakes for! But, each week I’m striving to get closer and closer to having a wider range of designs for all occasions. From summer vacation beach memories to sorority themes to graduations, I’ll get there one day soon! Until then, though, please know that ANY occasion can be done for you. Just let me know what or who you’re celebrating and I will make it happen!

Q.  Will there be any kind of protective finish on my keepsake?
A.  All “Cupcakes” are carefully coated twice with a protective clear finish for
      durability. My only suggestion would be to try to keep your block out of the direct
      sunlight and extreme heat as much as you can, just as you would for any of your other  cherished photographs to prevent fading.

Q. What is your lead time in creating these keepsakes? I need a baptism gift ASAP! How  much notice do you need?
A.  I do ask that you give me 5-7 days to create your keepsake. I hand craft these one at a time, paying careful attention to detail. Often times, though, I can accommodate a fairly last minute gift. Just send me an email prior to purchase to make sure I can get it to you for the date you need. The only time this may change, depending on circumstances, would be during the busy holiday season. Things get really busy starting the last week of November and it goes through Christmas. Also, if you’re really, really last minute, you might consider a gift certificate. They are listed in my shop at all times now or you can request a specific amount that fits your needs and you’ll have it before the end of the day via the wonders of email!

Q. When does your “busy season” begin and when should I start thinking about ordering
      for Christmas?
A.  The busy season is typically from the last week of November through December. Sadly, last year I had  to turn orders away, simply because of the time factor and the number of orders I received. I sincerely dislike turning orders down, so PLEASE, please think about getting started with your Christmas shopping early…..maybe a little “Christmas in July” shopping, perhaps? Not a bad idea. ☺  If Christmas shopping in July just isn’t your thing, I understand. (I have a tough time getting into the holiday spirit in 90 degree weather too). How about early November?? The sooner I receive your order, the sooner I can get it shipped out to you for gift-giving. This way you don’t have all that stress of hoping it gets to you in time for the big family Christmas get-together!
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