The day the circus came to town...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our little family saw the circus for the first time together today!
I'm fairly certain I had just as much fun(or more) than our two boys. It was so great watching their little faces light up as they were watching all the action.
Elephants, camels, acrobats, sword throwing, Strong Man, over the top juggling, motorcycle much to see!    

Turns out high flyin' circus fun ain't cheap though.
'Cause you gotta have all the light-up cups, kid souvenirs, popcorn, cotton candy, etc, etc. to get the "full-on experience".
Who really wants to be the parent to say no to the kiddie bag of cotton candy?
Never mind that it costs $12 a bag.
{But, does come with a nifty little wet wipe at the bottom of the bag.}
That gets a thumbs way up.  

See the impressed look on my six year old's face down there?
Light-up cups with blue slushies is where it's at.
{another 12 bucks down}

Love the sweet looks on my little guy's face....
The acrobats were amazing.
I seriously love and can appreciate the dedication it must take to do stuff like that.

The elephants....ahhh...the elephants.
So majestic. 
I heart the elephants.

The biggest highlight for my oldest: a little doggie doing the moon walk to the tune of "Billy Jean".
Huge MJ fan, my kid is. Stellar musical taste.
He gets it honest.

That Strong Man was no joke either. Entertaining to say the least.
I spied hubby's "I'm playing it kinda cool, but I'm kinda sorta impressed" expression going on next to me.
Prettttty hard to impress the man.

It really was a very fun day for our little family.
We left with big smiles, more circus souvenir paraphernalia than we could carry, and great memories of the first time we saw the circus together as a family. 
And blue cotton candy lips to boot.

And it was all worth every penny.

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