Tear Extravaganza {2013 Edition}

Saturday, May 18, 2013

So, this happened this week.

This happened too.
In the same week.
Is there not some Mommy Law out there that bans such practices?
It's tear overload, I tell you.
My little graduate was so proud of his big night.
Mommy was just a big weepy puddle.
I took photos of just about everything "last" thing I could think of at school on his last week.
Last walk to the playground.
Last day playing with his class friends.
Last stroll to his classroom.
Last carpool drop off.
But I digress.
He was so excited and a little nervous about his special part playing two bells instead of the one like all the other kids in his class.
But his music teacher was confident he could do it and mentioned to me more than once that we should have that video camera rolling for his part in the performance.
Front and center playing those bells....magnificently I might add.
My boy has an ear for music just like his daddy.

The three loves of my life all in one photo.
{No, the man in the background is not one of them. In case that was in question.}
Proud moment.
Our Little Family.

Oh how I love this handsome, sweet boy of mine. 
A little mommy-assigned homework for my little graduate.
Fill in the blank, of course.
A questionnaire of all his current favorites.
You know,
for the scrapbook and all.
Oh yeah, this happened too this week.
My boys had their TOT show and each earned their respective trophy and gold medal.
They waited all year for those awards.
Fun moment for them.
 We love our TOTS program!

 And my little Reeves had his end of the year program.
In the same week.
See what I'm talking about here?
Big puddly mess of a mother.

 My little wild man.
Freesyle dancin' and all.
Entertaining to say the least!

So, it's been a tough week. Lots of "lasts" for us.
I, like most moms, want my babies to stay babies.
I'm sentimental and don't accept change well.
But, I'm projecting that I'm gonna get through my weepiness sometime in the very near future.
I do, though look forward to this new chapter ahead for my sweet boy.
He is super excited about being a first grader at a new school this coming fall with a whole new set of friends.
I may not get there quite as fast as he does, but I WILL get there.

 And so with that, it's the start of another fun-filled, pull-my-hair-out summer with two of the very best boys I know!
I am one richly blessed momma!

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