Color Me Fun!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Loads of fun today with friends at The Color Run!
We behaved way less than our age and had a great time cutting up.
If one comes to your local area, I highly recommend you check it out with a group of friends. It's more of a social thang, so I do suggest not doing it solo.
The girls deemed the tutus "a must".
And since I was in the single digits the last time I donned one, I had no choice but to agree.
We had to make that happen.
Only felt like a dork for like maybe a second.

 Workin' our tutus....

 A little pre-race fun and photo opps.

In the zone.
Game face on.


A little motivation by way of the gal's tshirt in front of us.

Finish Line Festival.
Explosions of Color.  Music.  And busting moves with the locals.


I'm seeing showers in our very near future.
Color. Everywhere.

A few fruity drinks and some pizza to round out the day.

Great time today, girls!
Can't wait for the next go round!

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