Thursday, February 21, 2013

These photos are long past due. I did a little party preview, um, about 6 or so months ago.
Yikes. Where has my life run off to?
Anyway, here are some detail photos of the party goodies. Unfortunately, while I love using our church as the party venue, there is not a single window in the building, thus making for lots of not-so-stellar flash photos. Oh well, whatcha gonna do, right?
I had a fun time putting this third birthday party together for my little one.
He is all boy and so far, appears to love the physicality of all athletics....well, as far as a three year old can, anyway.
Invitation: Front and back

Again, not loving my flash photography, but I think you can get the idea. I was going for an orange color theme, but not necessarily orangy photos.

My little Birthday man.

Big Bro.


I stayed up way too late working on those jersey and basketball cookies.
My first attempt at cookie decorating.
I quickly discovered that cookie decorating is no joke. It takes some serious skill.
Kudos to all of the cookie artists out there. Definitely an art.
The cake was really great-looking in person. Again, not nearly as orange as it appears in the photos.
It was a light tan parquet floor design. Loved the wood grain look.

Black and white umpire stripes.
Overflowing goodies in the little black cabinet.
I was shooting for that locker room feel.

Little cupcakes perched on white "bleachers".
Shooters...gotta have shooters at a basketball party, right?
3 Point Cheesecake Shots 

Apple slices and vanilla bean dip.
A.K.A. Apple Slam Dunkers

The birthday boy's favorite drink is chocolate milk, hence the Sideline Sippers.
Ok, looking back on it now, I really do take way too much pleasure in coming up with "clever" names for party foods.
I'm kinda weird that way.

Table centerpieces.

Welcome sign poster.

The party was more than six months ago and seeing my little birthday boy in these photos makes me all weepy.
He's growing up too fast.
I'm in constant amazement at how fast these early years really do go.
Doing my best to soak it all in....

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Wendelle Rejouit said...

Hi January,

I love your parties!!!! You are so creative. I am doing a basketball themed party for my 7 year old and I was wondering where did you get the printables? or do you sell them? Also, where did you get the custom all-star sticker, I love it…thanks in advance :)

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