A peek into my studio

Sunday, February 3, 2013

So, I've been working on getting my studio in decent shape over the last couple of weeks. While there is still plenty I'd like to do, for now, it's feeling cozy and I feel inspired once again to create some new things.
My favorite part right now is my new and much improved computer setup. Thanks, hubs!
It's amazing what a big screen monitor and a new little lamp can do to get you in the mood to be creative. I find myself sitting in my studio at night with just my little lamp on for light and a hot cup of tea as I work on shop correspondence and editing photos.
SO nice.

Just a few little snippets of what's in my studio right now...

We have a bit of a storage issue in this house....I'm sort of a sentimental packrat. It pains me to get rid of anything that brings back good memories for me. As a consequence, my son's closet was full.....not with clothing or toys, but with MY childhood memory boxes and lots of my party paraphernalia.
Glass jars, cake plates, tiered trays, etc.
I'm not sure why I never thought to do it before, but I finally decided to pull those jars, cake plates and tiered trays out of the darkness and bring them into my studio to store all of my "goodies" in.
I love it.
It feels great to be able to see all of my supplies and little collections once again out in plain sight.

Pin boards, everyday supplies, and a little girl's assemble that I created many moons ago on my pint-sized mannequin.
French doors open up on two sides of my workspace...one to the front door entrance of our house and another set go into our kitchen. 

I found a pretty open frame a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a couple of coats of an ocean blue color paint. Since I've always found much inspiration in fabrics, I framed a scrap piece that always feels cheerful to me.
I think it's a Heather Bailey print.
Her vibrant choice of colors and prints always feel inspiring for me.

While I do have my eye on a new little rug accent and sewing a new table cover for my work table, for right now it's feeling really nice and spacious. I'm once again looking forward to spending many a day churning out some new things, both for the shop and for my own personal wishlist as well.
Here's to a great and productive week ahead!

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