Gone Campin'

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I can't remember the last time I sat outside at a campfire.
We had a fun time with family this weekend doing a little camping for my niece's birthday party.
I took my boys while the hubs stayed home to fulfill his idea of a dream weekend.....deep house cleaning and a honey-do list. Yes, ma'am, that's my man!
 So after a long 24 hours of roughing it at the camp, I tiredly came home to new faucet fixtures, cleaned carpets, new window treatments hung on my doors, pressure-washed front door entrance, a freshly cut yard, and a new surprise fixture in my closet to help with my current shoe obsession. Oh, and he topped it off with flowers on my kitchen table too.
Yep, I got a good one. Think I'll keep him around. I'm always amazed at how fast that man can clean up a house.
Thanks, hubby! You are THE best!

My kiddos got to experience their first authentic smores by campfire, as did I.
Not bad. I kinda see what all the fuss is about now.
Speaking of campfire, I VERY quickly slapped together a little homemade-looking cake for my niece, Paris, just minutes before we left for the campground. We went with a glammed-up campfire chocolate cake, complete with a sparkly pink and gold flame.
Oh, well, it tasted really good anyway.
 Let's just say it fit into the "roughing it" weekend theme.


Some puttin' practice with the cousins.

The kids all got into a heated game of baseball and we finished out the trip with a nice little shiner for my youngest. Poor thing got socked with a baseball while at bat. It was definitely game over after that.

My little Bruiser

Busy week coming up! Lots of orders to go out, a pampered chef party to host, and all of the regular week long tasks need to get fit in there too somehow!
Have a great week, friends!

Daytrip to New Orleans

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's a new year and I love the idea of a fresh start, especially after all the hectic activities of the holidays. I'm sure I'm not alone.
So, my birthday was last weekend and I will be the first to admit that my husband has totally mastered the art of spoiling me over the years. Yay me! This year was no exception. One of the things he did this year was plan a daytrip to my old hometown of New Orleans for the day with our boys and my nephew. Before our boys were born we used to go regularly, just the two of us, for the day. It was great to go back after such a long time.
We took in a movie at the IMAX theatre, checked out what the aquarium had to offer and just strolled around the streets taking in the sites.
Even though I was born and raised in New Orleans, it was the first time either of my boys had been there. It was fun watching their little faces take in all the street singers, bands, and tap dancers along the way.

My little one just adores his cousin.
It's so sweet watching the two of them interact with each other.

The boys spotted some "statues" along the way.

Love the hustle and bustle ...


A spot new to us since Hurricane Katrina, we gave The Gumbo Pot a try for lunch.
My expectations weren't that high if I'm honest and I feared a very tourist-y, less than stellar "creole" experience.
To my surprise, it was really good. Blackened redfish, red beans and rice and gumbo. All the good stuff. 

Love this boy. SO much spunk!
The 3-D glasses were a must for him the whole time we were there.
Ahh....my Ipod-lovin' kindergartener. Love that sensitive, gentle-natured kid.

The Creole Cuisine experience.

I discovered recently that my little one has a love for chicken and sausage gumbo.
Needless to say, gumbo night at home is his new fav.
Love smell of gumbo filling up our home on a weeknight, especially a cold one. 

Happy New Year!
We're off to a great start so far!

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