Bowling Party {Bowlfest 2013}

Sunday, July 7, 2013

So my youngest has a summer the deep HOT south.
In past years we've gutted out those birthdays outside at home......with the exception of those wimpier party guests who couldn't hang and spent most of it in the AC inside watching the festivities from the window.
Like I said. Wimps.
Anyway, I decided to do things a little different this year and find something in the cool indoors for my little man's fourth birthday.
I suppose you could say I was feeling a little lazy.
There. I said it.
Luckily though it worked out 'cause the birthday boy was all over the idea of a "super cool" bowling party.
It's all in how you present it, I always say.

Here are a few of the photos from the photo shoot that we did for the party invitation.
The many faces of Reeves.
Crazy boy.
I love Crazy boy.

Jessica of Modern Moments Designs did the party paper goods.
Fabulous as always. In every single way.
That woman completes me.

Since the venue kinda didn't call for a whole ton of decorations and such, I put most of my efforts into cute party favors for the kiddos.
I had Jessica design tshirts and socks for each of the kids.
Personalized with names on the front and party logo on the back.

Don't be thrown off by the green cookie cake there. The colors of the party goods were teal and gold.
Apparently, that cookie decorator lady thought green was better suited to match the BLUE invitation that I left as a guide for her.
Weird. Just plain weird.

The Party Bowlers all in their team shirts.
So cute they were.

I designed and created a couple of large coordinating photo keepsakes with metal eyes to attach the table balloons to.
Worked out perfectly.
Jessica had already come up with the gummy candy, soda favors and bowling pin pens that went into the little muslin bags for her own son's party.
I loved it and simply followed suit.
The gummies and soda were big hits with the kiddos that I spoke to after the party.
I might have even eaten a few of the extra gummy burgers after my littles went to bed.
Good stuff.

The socks and shirts were designed by Jessica and then printed by Michelle over on etsy.
Amazing product.
Amazing to work with.
I just love it when things are easy like that and folks know what they're doing.

The birthday boy and his big brother there.
And some pretty fantastic confetti cupcakes all dressed up for the party.

'Twas a really fun party and my baby had a great time seeing some of his school friends over the summer break.

Oh, and if you're looking for the secret to getting a high party attendance, try doing what I did.
Schedule it on a Monday afternoon. In the dead of summer. When mommas are at their wit's end and looking for stuff to keep the little ones busy during the day.
Worked out great for us!

That birthday boy was so excited.
Nothing beats that big smile.

The day the circus came to town...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our little family saw the circus for the first time together today!
I'm fairly certain I had just as much fun(or more) than our two boys. It was so great watching their little faces light up as they were watching all the action.
Elephants, camels, acrobats, sword throwing, Strong Man, over the top juggling, motorcycle much to see!    

Turns out high flyin' circus fun ain't cheap though.
'Cause you gotta have all the light-up cups, kid souvenirs, popcorn, cotton candy, etc, etc. to get the "full-on experience".
Who really wants to be the parent to say no to the kiddie bag of cotton candy?
Never mind that it costs $12 a bag.
{But, does come with a nifty little wet wipe at the bottom of the bag.}
That gets a thumbs way up.  

See the impressed look on my six year old's face down there?
Light-up cups with blue slushies is where it's at.
{another 12 bucks down}

Love the sweet looks on my little guy's face....
The acrobats were amazing.
I seriously love and can appreciate the dedication it must take to do stuff like that.

The elephants....ahhh...the elephants.
So majestic. 
I heart the elephants.

The biggest highlight for my oldest: a little doggie doing the moon walk to the tune of "Billy Jean".
Huge MJ fan, my kid is. Stellar musical taste.
He gets it honest.

That Strong Man was no joke either. Entertaining to say the least.
I spied hubby's "I'm playing it kinda cool, but I'm kinda sorta impressed" expression going on next to me.
Prettttty hard to impress the man.

It really was a very fun day for our little family.
We left with big smiles, more circus souvenir paraphernalia than we could carry, and great memories of the first time we saw the circus together as a family. 
And blue cotton candy lips to boot.

And it was all worth every penny.

Tear Extravaganza {2013 Edition}

Saturday, May 18, 2013

So, this happened this week.

This happened too.
In the same week.
Is there not some Mommy Law out there that bans such practices?
It's tear overload, I tell you.
My little graduate was so proud of his big night.
Mommy was just a big weepy puddle.
I took photos of just about everything "last" thing I could think of at school on his last week.
Last walk to the playground.
Last day playing with his class friends.
Last stroll to his classroom.
Last carpool drop off.
But I digress.
He was so excited and a little nervous about his special part playing two bells instead of the one like all the other kids in his class.
But his music teacher was confident he could do it and mentioned to me more than once that we should have that video camera rolling for his part in the performance.
Front and center playing those bells....magnificently I might add.
My boy has an ear for music just like his daddy.

The three loves of my life all in one photo.
{No, the man in the background is not one of them. In case that was in question.}
Proud moment.
Our Little Family.

Oh how I love this handsome, sweet boy of mine. 
A little mommy-assigned homework for my little graduate.
Fill in the blank, of course.
A questionnaire of all his current favorites.
You know,
for the scrapbook and all.
Oh yeah, this happened too this week.
My boys had their TOT show and each earned their respective trophy and gold medal.
They waited all year for those awards.
Fun moment for them.
 We love our TOTS program!

 And my little Reeves had his end of the year program.
In the same week.
See what I'm talking about here?
Big puddly mess of a mother.

 My little wild man.
Freesyle dancin' and all.
Entertaining to say the least!

So, it's been a tough week. Lots of "lasts" for us.
I, like most moms, want my babies to stay babies.
I'm sentimental and don't accept change well.
But, I'm projecting that I'm gonna get through my weepiness sometime in the very near future.
I do, though look forward to this new chapter ahead for my sweet boy.
He is super excited about being a first grader at a new school this coming fall with a whole new set of friends.
I may not get there quite as fast as he does, but I WILL get there.

 And so with that, it's the start of another fun-filled, pull-my-hair-out summer with two of the very best boys I know!
I am one richly blessed momma!

Color Me Fun!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Loads of fun today with friends at The Color Run!
We behaved way less than our age and had a great time cutting up.
If one comes to your local area, I highly recommend you check it out with a group of friends. It's more of a social thang, so I do suggest not doing it solo.
The girls deemed the tutus "a must".
And since I was in the single digits the last time I donned one, I had no choice but to agree.
We had to make that happen.
Only felt like a dork for like maybe a second.

 Workin' our tutus....

 A little pre-race fun and photo opps.

In the zone.
Game face on.


A little motivation by way of the gal's tshirt in front of us.

Finish Line Festival.
Explosions of Color.  Music.  And busting moves with the locals.


I'm seeing showers in our very near future.
Color. Everywhere.

A few fruity drinks and some pizza to round out the day.

Great time today, girls!
Can't wait for the next go round!


Monday, March 11, 2013

So I got a wild hair a couple of weeks ago and finally jumped on the instagram bandwagon.
What can I say? I'm always an hour late to the party.
I am so happy I finally did it though!
I love the quickness of snapping photos of our daily life happenings and sharing them there. For some crazy reason it feels less "in your face" to me than posting on Facebook. Sometimes Facebook kinda weirds me out. I still post photos and updates there on my personal page from time to time, but again, I'm really enjoying the whole instagram thing these days.

If you're on there and ever interested in the highlights of our days around here, please feel free to follow along. I'll be trying to share some more behind the scenes snapshots of what's going on in the shop as well.

These are a few snippets of what I've been up to the past week.

In other news, I recently added a new keepsake box and a few new designs for the baby boys in the shop. I have a few other things for the girls in the works as well. 

Baby boy Baptism/Christening keepsake

Baby boy birth announcement keepsake

Daylight Savings started this past weekend and I for one, am so very happy about it! While I don't necessarily love the dark mornings, I do love having that extra daylight in the evenings to get out with my boys! Anxious for spring and a new t-ball season to begin with my little ones!

Enjoy your week, friends!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

These photos are long past due. I did a little party preview, um, about 6 or so months ago.
Yikes. Where has my life run off to?
Anyway, here are some detail photos of the party goodies. Unfortunately, while I love using our church as the party venue, there is not a single window in the building, thus making for lots of not-so-stellar flash photos. Oh well, whatcha gonna do, right?
I had a fun time putting this third birthday party together for my little one.
He is all boy and so far, appears to love the physicality of all athletics....well, as far as a three year old can, anyway.
Invitation: Front and back

Again, not loving my flash photography, but I think you can get the idea. I was going for an orange color theme, but not necessarily orangy photos.

My little Birthday man.

Big Bro.


I stayed up way too late working on those jersey and basketball cookies.
My first attempt at cookie decorating.
I quickly discovered that cookie decorating is no joke. It takes some serious skill.
Kudos to all of the cookie artists out there. Definitely an art.
The cake was really great-looking in person. Again, not nearly as orange as it appears in the photos.
It was a light tan parquet floor design. Loved the wood grain look.

Black and white umpire stripes.
Overflowing goodies in the little black cabinet.
I was shooting for that locker room feel.

Little cupcakes perched on white "bleachers".
Shooters...gotta have shooters at a basketball party, right?
3 Point Cheesecake Shots 

Apple slices and vanilla bean dip.
A.K.A. Apple Slam Dunkers

The birthday boy's favorite drink is chocolate milk, hence the Sideline Sippers.
Ok, looking back on it now, I really do take way too much pleasure in coming up with "clever" names for party foods.
I'm kinda weird that way.

Table centerpieces.

Welcome sign poster.

The party was more than six months ago and seeing my little birthday boy in these photos makes me all weepy.
He's growing up too fast.
I'm in constant amazement at how fast these early years really do go.
Doing my best to soak it all in....

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