MOPS{Back in Full Swing}

Monday, September 17, 2012

Our first meeting of the new season got kicked off this past week! It was nice to see some familar faces and meet a few new ones as well.

A few quick smartphone photos of the table goodies before all the ladies arrived....

 Flower pens for each mom with a paper leaf attached to write in their names.
We'll be setting these out at each meeting and hopefully nipping that age old question of "does anybody have a pen I can borrow?" at the meetings.

Table tents.
My nametag with two blue bows to represent my two boys.

Good food and good conversations with the girls. Love MOPS!

Snippets of Summer

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's official.
We made it through yet another summer.
Both of my boys are now back in school and I will be helping out at their school as well each day with carpool.
Last week was the first week for me and I was flat worn out by the time Thursday got here. Hoping that gets a little easier in the coming weeks. This night owl isn't digging the early morning stuff again.

Anyway, I'm eager to get part of my days back to myself to get some work done in the shop and to be able to post here more regularly again.

My big Kindergartener.

Our summer was the perfect kind of full....

We headed to the beaches for a few days,....

.....hung out in the backyard soaking up the early summer days,...

....shared fun times with family at the local watering hole....

....spent early mornings in the waterhose at Nana's our jammies.

We chilled out....

.....took a few daytime snoozes for good measure....

...built crazy train contraptions(Pierce's word)....

...and always found time to do some daily roughhousing.

I truly enjoyed our summer this year! There have been summers in the past when I couldn't really say that as much, but this year was the perfect mix of lazy days and summertime fun.

It's challenging most days, but really, what a blessing to be able to stay home with my boys during these early years. 

Hope your summer was full of great memories made with your families.
Bring on Fall!!

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