Independence Day 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We had a great time today as a family. Started out with a trip to the water park, of which there are no photos, sadly. I couldn't see bringing a camera into a very wet and very hot park.
Later it was naps and fireworks with the kids.
Reeves was ALL over it.
Kid loves some fireworks.

.....and sparklers

Why, yes, that would be my five year old in long sleeves and fleece pants in JULY. Everytime we get home from anywhere, he heads straight for his room looking for THOSE pants and any longsleeve shirt he can find. My boy needs to add some meat to his bones!
I try. I really do.

Gotta have poppers.

Run for the hills!! Bombs are going off everywhere!

Reeves spotted the first colorful fireworks display of the night!
I think the expression says it all.

Dad went back for a second trip to the stand for more rockets.
He totally had to have his arm twisted to do it.
Or maybe not.
Do men ever really outgrow fireworks?

There are only a handful of things more wonderful than watching the look of pure joy spread across your child's face.
Oh, how I love my boys.

We wrapped up the night watching the Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular on tv.
Love it.
I already have my plot going to spend the next Fourth of July in New York watching it in person.  What a fantastic memory that would be for our boys!

Happy Fourth of July!  

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