Teacher Appreciation Gifts {Welcome to Summer!}

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So it's 5 o'clock in the evening on the official first day of summer for the boys and
This is going to take some getting used to again.

So far both of my boys have played wayyy too much Angry Birds today, both on the computer and in their made up plush toy version in our living room. Can I just say that I want the Angry Birds to skip town...fly north for the summer..something.

Yesterday was the last day of school for them and their end of the year program. It was a great year for both of them and they have grown so much since the Fall. They had great teachers and so we had to come up with something cute for them to show our appreciation for the year they've had.

I've been on a yellow kick again lately so I wanted to do a new Teachers Gift Edition Sunshine in a Box version, if you will.

Like I did on the previous version, I took small little everyday things and repackaged them to make them even cuter....with the exception of those cookies!
Those babies are handmade with love. Lots of it.
They are everything you want a Lemon Sugar Cookie to be!
Soft. Chewy. Perfect.
I purchased this E-Cook book several weeks back and was looking for an excuse to bake them up.
Next up on my list to try....the Cinnadoodles.
I'm confident they will not disappoint.

I put together a cute little "Keep Calm" insert and some bag tags and toppers to go along with the summer theme.

What else says summer like a comfy pair of flip flops?

Lemonade packets
Plastic Lemon Tumbler Cup
Lemon notepad
Lemon Head Candy
Old Fashioned Soft Lemon Candy

You get the idea.

Here are my little gift-givers during their program yesterday.
Reeves kills me.
He didn't sing a lick, but he sure looked adorable playin' it cool with his hands in his pockets the entire time.

Time to break out that calender and start filling it up with summer activities to keep our family sane this summer!

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