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Monday, April 2, 2012

Just a quick check-in here! I am, indeed, alive and well. 
Here is a little sprinkling of last week's happenings...a little "week in review" if you will.
Nothing too over-the-moon exciting, but it was still a fairly hoppin' week.

The boys had their "Jesus Is Alive" Easter program this past week.
Cute. Cute.
They did all their little hand movements to the songs. I don't know who started that whole thing, but it caught on like wildfire and I, for one, am really happy about it. It means that instead of watching your child just stand there in a massive group of other kids shouting lyrics to songs, you get to see them awkwardly try to do choreographed hand motions AND sing. It's just so darn cute. Definitely adds that much needed little "umpf" to the performance, in my opinion. 

Unfortunately, Reeves wasn't "feelin' it" on this particular morning.
I picked out the one photo of him smiling and it's only 'cause it's the first time he spotted his momma in the audience. Yep.
After this one, the photos were all of the sour-face-and-wrinkly-mad-forehead variety.
What can I say? The kid loves his momma and isn't a fan of being kept away against his own will.
I get it.

Here's my smiley man last week too. I realized the other day that I don't take nearly as many quick snapshots of him as I'd like. Gotta fix that.
Here's a start. 

 My little adorable man has also recently taken to night wakings again. Like, up-all-night, play-footsy-in-the-bed-with-you-at-2am kind of night wakings.

Hence the adorable daytime sleeping shot below. I walked in the living room and caught him curled up in "daddy's chair" snoozin' away.
awww...precious, right? Yeah.
Not so fast. 

This tired mom is jealous.
He best be counting his lucky stars he's this cute when he sleeps is all I can say.
 That much cuteness at two years old is no coincidence and for no purpose at all. It's a gift from God, Himself. Purely put there for survival reasons. Straight up. Period. End of story.
Moving on.

Our church also had their annual Easter Eggstravaganza yesterday.
See the play on words there? ok, just checkin'.

So because I seek out ANY opportunity to bake, I signed on the dotted line to bring something of the dessert variety.
My list of "have-to-try" recipes is out of control, you must know. I started perusing them the other day and couldn't decide. Too many choices. Luckily, just about that time I was pining over the big decision, this recipe came through my inbox, courtesy of  Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, herself.

I decided right then and there that all of those other recipes still waiting for their turn would be waiting a little while longer. 
Turns out I made fantastic decision.
These Double Doozies are amazing!
So amazing, I felt compelled to give them a little shine time of their own in the form of a mini photo shoot. 

Here they are all bagged up at the Eggstravaganza.
 {Knew I could work that one in there one more time.}

The boys had a blast at the event! A couple of shots here. Wish they told the story more.
 Once again, indoor lighting was an issue. 

My husband helping my oldest play a little pool and then doing a little egg hunting inside the sanctuary.
Our weekly "family fun day" was, indeed, just that.

This past week I also was finally able to photograph and list the coordinating cupcake toppers to the zebra print and lavender keepsake that I put up a few weeks ago.

Still have a few other new things to list. I've been working on a few special orders with some customers this week, so I haven't had a chance to add them to the shop just yet. Soon. Very soon. 

Happy Easter to you all! I hope you enjoy spending time with your families this weekend and reflecting on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"He is risen; he is not here."
-- Mark 16:6

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