MOPS Ministry Fair {And Other Happenings}

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

***UPDATE: MOPS Cupcake toppers and water bottle printables can be found here in this post!

Our church held a ministry fair this past weekend and since I'm part of our local MOPS group, I got the opportunity to help our group coordinater put together a little informational table for any new moms looking to get out of their sweats for the morning(or not!) and come join us for a couple of hours of girltime with other moms. Motherhood is hard, ya'll. A little girl time once a month eases the pain.

So, anyway, I got to create an informational poster and some cupcake toppers to grab some attention and wake these tired mommys up! I figured if we could draw the kiddos to the table, then the moms would certainly have to follow, right? It's simple logic.
Our group coordinator{and friend}, put together a photo board displaying various playdates and group events we've had this past year. See my little ones in the top right corner? That was our Family Easter Picnic. Fun times.

Oh how I love a cupcake...

....and some cute toppers

Some little coordinating chocolates for the ladies to enjoy sneak in the church service following the ministry fair. The perfect sneaky purse size.

In other news, I've been busy inbetween orders creating some new things for the shop. Here is a little sample of what's new in the shop this week:

Baptismal/Christening ornament keepsakes
 {Wildy} Fun First Birthday keepsakes
Princess invitation block keepsakes 

I'm really pleased and happy with the response for the invitation blocks thus far. I see many more design options for that coming in the near future.
I also have some other new things lined up this week for the shop, including some adorable Wizard of Oz cupcake toppers, Sock Monkey cupcake toppers and a lavender zebra print cupcake topper that coordinates with the newly listed keepsake in the shop. So, there are lots of fresh new things on the horizon and I'm excited to get them listed in the coming days.
Another thing I'm also really excited about?

In celebration of ten years married this week, my thoughtful husband is taking me there this weekend! I'm getting really excited about it and will hopefully be able to share some photos of that when we return.
Until then, enjoy the rest of your week and weekend! I'll be back with more soon!


Yvonne said...

Is there a link to print out the MOPS cupcake toppers and sign? I am a MOPS coordinator and I would LOVE to use them for our Connection Night at church to promote our group! Thank you!

January Hart said...

Hi Yvonne,
I just made the cupcake toppers and some coordinating water bottle labels available on the blog. Hope they are useful for you!

Unknown said...

Do you have a link for the chocolates wrappers? I am a coordinator and love what you've done! The chevron water bottles would make cute first meeting items for the moms/table decorations!

January Hart said...

Hi there,
Unfortunately, I don't currently have a link for the chocolate wrappers, but as luck would have it, I'm about to create some new ones for our upcoming MOPS year! I'll be sure to share the download on the blog in an upcoming post very soon. :)

Anonymous said...

How/Where did you get your "Come Join Us" Poster on the bulletin board? VERY Pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love the poster!!! How or where did you make it?


Bekki said...

How/Where did you get your "Come Join Us" Poster on the bulletin board?

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