School Valentines 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ok, I admit. Now that both of my boys are in a school setting, I secretly look forward to Valentines' Day, hence the Valentine's Day playdate last week and all my girly Love Day decor. It's kind of my make-up Christmas of sorts. December is just always wayy too busy and while I always want to do all the fun stuff parents of small children are supposed to be doing, it just doesn't seem to happen to the degree I'd like. Sure, we check off all the "musts" on the December outing to pick out the Christmas tree, retelling the story of the birth of Jesus as we set out our nativity scene, making cookies for Santa, Night before Christmas photo shoots in the pjs and interviews on what the kids suspect the big guy might be bringing them the next morning, and so on and so forth. But, for whatever reason, it always seems like it's lacking some more fun family time and activites.

So anyway, I decided to make the month of February my Do-Over Fun Month! The holidays are over, you've had a month to recover and now the setting is more conducive to laid-back fun stuff. So, the first do-over on the agenda was a Valentine's Day answer to the Christmas Advent calender that we have yet to fit into the month of December. Daily activities included an impromptu trip to sonic for slushies, making kid-friendly valentine's day decorations, and a few other fun things.

You gotta know this about having two boys and being the only girl in the house. You don't get many excuses to be extra "cutesy" or to pull out your pink tulle and display it for all to see. Hence, my new love of Valentine's Day. Also, the crafty gal inside of me gets wayyy too excited about sending valentines to school with the boys. I know. I'm silly like that. It's ok.
The sandbox shovel with candy is what Pierce took to school last year. Coincidentally, his teachers sent home a similar valentine with him this year! I think that Pinterest has definitely captured everyone this past year. I saw all kinds of evidence of it this year in the boys' Valentine goodie bags.

This year, my boy is into those gold coin chocolates. You know, the ones that don't come in the Godiva flavor? He loves those things. So, we incorporated them into his valentines this year. Chocolate coins and some bubble gum versions as well. It turned out cute and hopefully his classmates don't have a Godiva expectation when they peel back those gold and silver wrappers and pop those cuties into their mouths. 'Cause it's gonna be more of a Palmer experience than a Godiva one, I'm afraid. :)


I wanted to send something my two year old would like as well for his valentines. He's heavy into the gummy bears these days. I could barely get the things into the pillow boxes and close them up before he was begging for his own share of the sweet stuff. Ok, I exaggerate. But he does really love those things. And just for the sake of a cute theme, I tossed the gummy bears together with some teddy grahams and called it good.

Couldn't forget the teachers. I went crazy with the pink. Did I mention I have two boys? Yes, it had to be pink for Valentine's Day. Lots of it. Double chocolate cupcakes {YUM!} with a maraschino cherry pink frosting {YUM!}. Kind of my idea of a chocolate covered cherry in cupcake form. You know the ones I'm talking about...with the gooey center? They are polarizing little candies, I realize. But, I happen to love them and took a chance that maybe the boys' teachers did too.

Hope your Day of Love was a great one!
Things have been steady busy in the shop since the Christmas holidays. But I'll be back with something new and exciting to share in the shop with you in just a few days!

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