Vintage Carnival Birthday Party

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things have been superbusy around here the past week with shop orders, but I thought I'd pop in really quick tonight and share a few friends and family photos from Reeves' 2nd birthday party. As for all of the photos of the party details, those can be found in the feature post over at Hostess Blog.

Here we go...
These are from the photoshoot we did for the photo invitation. I dragged my hubby, children and props down the road early one week day morning to get these photos. Now, I could be on my own here, but I sure thought it was fun! Ha!

...some party-goers enjoying some conversation and carnival games.

 Ok, I can honestly say that I didn't see the duck pond game turning into a swimming pool when I decided to include this one at the party. I know, not very smart on my part. The little ones immediately went straight for the water. So, it didn't exactly go over as planned, but it did keep the kiddos cool.

Bucket Toss followed a similar fate, I'm afraid. All the birthday boy wanted to do with it was collect all the balls and use the buckets for scooping out the duck pond water. Ha!

 As the party was winding down, the ticket booth made for a great hiding spot to load up the water guns and take fire! Anything that involved water on this steamy day was a hit with the kids. The game prize water guns definitely made the top of the list.

 My sweet little birthday boy blowing out his candles...

 ...some fun shots from a day or two after the party.

 It was a crazy hot day here in south Louisiana, but the kids had a fun time and that always makes all the effort worth it for me. I'd do it all over again for my spunky, sweet little boy. Love him to pieces.


Michelle said...

I saw your post over on HWTM & loved it! I have a question about your candy cart your hubby made. I had started to make one for our popcorn machine & got stumped. Would you be willing to share how your hubby made the wheels for it. Thanks (:

January Hart said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks so much! My husband made a stencil from posterboard of the round wheel with the cutouts in the center. Then he used it as a guide to cut out the shape in plywood using a jigsaw. I looked around for some authentic wheels, but they were super expensive, so he came up with this route. Hope that helps you some! Good luck with your party!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much January! YES! This helps. I too found that wheels for these sort of things are super expensive. Another question, are the wheels attached with a wooden dowel or metal? Thanks!

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