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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So going out in tomorrow's mail is a little "pick me up" care package for a very special little girl. Her mom and I are both a part of the MOPS group in our area. I've mentioned before how much MOPS has helped me connect with other moms and what a great outreach it is for us all. Love my MOPS group!

Anyway, this family got the devastating call several weeks ago....the call that their sweet little girl had leukemia. They were immediately rushed to St. Jude and she is now undergoing chemotherapy treatments. I think and pray for this little girl and her family daily now. I can't imagine being in my friend's shoes and getting that call. It greatly reminds me of how often I take good health for granted.... good health not only for my children but for my husband and I as well.

So I thought it might be nice to send some "Sunshine in a Box" to this family while they are undergoing all the necessary treatments and so on. It's not much...a few little packs of treats to tuck in a purse or pocket that might come in handy at the hospital, a little bucket of crafts for Annabelle, some little musical instruments(I thought maybe mom or dad could play a few tunes to lift her spirits during the difficult moments), and a few other little things for mom and dad.
(My apologies for the less than stellar photos here. Unfortunately, while I was sending some sunshine, it was quite dreary-looking here with less than optimal lighting for photos.)

Egg shaker maracas, a little harmonica, punchballs, bubbles, a disney princess pez dispenser, some banana chips... 

They had to leave so quickly that I didn't figure they had the time to grab any of Annabelle's bath toys, so I thought a few little rubber duckies might make be kinda nice to have around as well.

I'm thinking and praying for you daily, sweet Annabelle! I look forward to the day when your mom sends the message that the treatments are complete and you're headed back home well!

Headed to curl up with my little boy and be thankful for everyday of good health we have and see it for the blessing it truly is.

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