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Monday, July 11, 2011

A little of what's inspiring this gal today...

I was up late last night pouring over some yummy finds via etsy so I figured I might as well put together a little sample of it all in a treasury list. I'm in a sunshine state of mind right now. Everything yellow/canary/lemon/banana, whatever you call it, has been seriously catching my eye. Alot of it probably has to do with my son's birthday party from a couple of weekends ago. Whatever the reason, I'm loving this sunny, feel-good hue right now.

So my other love interest this week is glitter! Glitter me this, glitter me that. Glitterguide is a new site that looks really promising and has page after page of visual goodness. Take a look at that glitter dress down there. Ordinarily, I would probably shy away from something so, um, glittery. But how fantastic does this girl look in that dress?? I know, I know...she would look amazing in a paper sack. Us short petite girls can dream we might come close to looking that great in an all sequin frock though, can't we?

"Live each day like it's your birthday"...I like it. Think I'll try that.

Have you ever laid eyes on a more visually perfect cake?? Stop by Sweetapolita's site and you'll find oodles and oodles of gorgeous confections. Oh man, how I like to imagine I'll get THAT good at baking some day. This blog SO inspires me and just plain makes me happy. When she posts a new recipe, it's going to be something amazing....everytime... that, you can take to the bank.

Hope something is bringing you inspiration today.

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Kiitu said...

What a lovely page! Colors, style, atmosphere, photos etc... gives me so much inspiration! :) Thankyou!


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