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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodness, where does the week go?? I thought that with school out things would be less busy here the past week, but it seems like there is always something that comes up. Whether it be a last minute request from a friend, an order from a customer, party planning, getting info ready for the new blog or what was that other thing?? Oh, yeah, taking care of my two little ones and trying to keep them happy, fed and out of trouble(AKA destroying our house!) I don't see any signs of it stopping any time soon either. Yikes!!

Anyway, here are a few of the fun little projects that I've been sneaking in time for lately.
The first was something I did for one of Pierce's teachers this year and after the past several weeks of getting to know her better, I'm happy to now call her 'friend'. I just love her. She's just one of those people who makes you happy when you see her. She's always upbeat, outgoing and I think I could tell her just about anything and she wouldn't look at me like I had two heads and think I was an absolute loon. Like I said, she's good people. :)
So, anyway, Pierce brought to school a few fun and yummy gifts for his teachers this year, and she asked me a few weeks ago to come up with some little teacher gifts for her to give to her girls' teachers, which led to the Cookies & Creme Peanut Butter you see here. Yummy, yummy stuff, people! Try it.

So this past week, she asked me to come up with seven more little teacher's gifts for the end of the school year. So I did.

Naughty Cookies & Creme Banana Bread
Coconut Banana Bread with Key Lime Glaze
Strawberry Pecan Bread

Gotta make 'em look cute!
On a sidenote, I hate it when you get your hands on something yummy like some banana bread and you don't have a knife to cut into the darn thing IMMEDIATELY! I'm lucky if I make it through the checkout before I tear into a baked treat when I'm at the grocery store. So, I thought I'd remedy that and add one for each these ladies. That's me...always thinking of others. Go for it, ladies.  :)

What else, what else? Oh, yeah, so last week I posted about taking photos of my little one in his vintage inspired onesie I made for him to wear to go on his birthday invitation. After much preparation and dragging husband, kids, props, etc. to our photo shoot site halfway down the road, we finally got it done! Yay! Thanks, Hubby!! Reeves looked adorable in his outfit and did really good for me taking photos! Can't wait to show you the finished invitation, but until then here's a little sneak peek of how sweet my little man looked. He's crazy cute, right?! Yeah, well he's mine...all mine. :)

Oh, and after seeing a few daily deals come through my inbox with supercute camera strap slipcovers to purchase, I finally decided to stay up a little later than usual the other night and make my own! It turned out cute and it's proving to be really functional as well, with a pocket for my lens cap(or any other little "something") and light padding around the neck for comfort. I'm loving it so far! I see making many more in my very near future....for holidays, different seasons, matching the outfits...ok, I'll stop now.

In shop news, we're getting closer and closer to getting the new blog design ready to install and I've been holding off on adding some fun new products in the shop to coincide with the new blog launch, but I'm starting to get antsy! I wanna show you guys! But I'm confident that it won't be long now. Shalon of Pretty Lovely Design is getting me all fixed up and looking fresh!

Also, this was fun to see! Maria of Stellbelle and Rubylou posted my Vintage Inspired Pink Announcement Trio Gift Set on her blog yesterday. So many cute new baby finds on there! Love it. Thanks for including me, Maria!

That's all I've got for today. I will be taking the kids over to their Nana's house this weekend for some fun in the sun at the beach and who knows what else. Wish me luck that everyone(AKA my two little monkeys) sleeps well and is in good spirits. Cause it's just understood that a sleepy, up-all-night momma equals a grumpy, not-fun-to-be-around momma.
Happy Memorial Day to you all! Have a safe weekend!


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