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Monday, May 16, 2011

So, in theory, I've been planning my littlest one's 2nd birthday party since March, but have been super busy with everything else so it kinda got put on the back burner for a bit. But, I realized the other day that it's already the middle of May and Reeves' party is the first saturday in July! Holy Smokes! I gotta pick up the pace around here. It's about to be a whirlwind of party planning and prepping as I try to play catch up on all the ideas I have for this year's party.
Here are some images from Reeves' 1st birthday party last year. Lots of color, lots of sweets and lots of fun! Hopefully, this year will be a continuation of that!...but even better....cause you know, you have to try to outdo yourself on each party. :) Plus, if I'm honest with myself, this last party is looking a little less than stellar to me now. I think we can do even better this year. :)

Here's the little Birthday Boy stinker yesterday in my studio(no, umm, that's not a filthy studio you see there). Boy, do I love that feisty spirited little boy! The way his smile lights up his whole face never fails to make me swoon and wonder "How on earth did I get so lucky to be this little boy's momma??" Blessed am I.

I am superexcited and inspired by this year's theme(yes, I am totally and hopelessly a theme gal)! I love the idea of Carnival birthday parties. SO many ideas you can build on for a party. Plus, who doesn't love a carnival....the funnel cakes, the cotton candy, the POPCORN, the games, the prizes...I could go on and on.
But, what I really wanted for this carnival themed party this year was something softer.....more vintage. Perhaps, I'm not yet ready for my little one to go from "baby" to "little boy" just yet, so I'm clinging to those soft "baby" colors....or maybe the "girl" in me just loves the whole pastel palette and is dying to use it in a party!! hmmm....

Anywho, I put together these inspiration boards back in March and I still love them just as much as the day I created them! My idea is a Vintage Carnival done Coney Island style with the influence of the boardwalk and the beaches of the 1940's. I love the idea of the Coney Island Amusement park combined with the softness of the beach resort that came with it. I see big cabana stripes, saltwater taffy colors and total vintage appeal. The gorgeous colors in all of the artwork in these photos really describe the feel I'm shooting for.

So, this week is the absolute deadline I've set for myself to get photos done of Reeves for the party invitation. BUT, I can't just snap a cute photo of my litte one just ANYWHERE or with just ANY prop....Noooooooo.....not me....I gotta make it super time consuming and expensive complex. Honestly, I wear my own self out with all of my big ideas. But, I've just about got all of my props ready to go, thanks, in part, to the time and talent of my awesome hubby! I hope the photo shoot turns out half as cute as it looks in my mind. I'm excited to do it, but even more excited to get them done so I can turn it over to the responsibility of the wonderfully talented Jessica to get the invitations and all the other party paper goods done for me this year. She is CRAZY talented!!

I got the outfit done for the invitation photo over the weekend. I wanted softer colors and I loved the idea of a tie and suspenders with flat front trousers, kinda newsboy 1940's looking. I think it's going to be supercute and I can't wait to see how my little cutie looks in it and how all the colors of the props look in the finished setup! Wish me luck! We're having some amazing weather right now, so that's defnitely in my favor this week!

I'll be back with more sneak peeks as I really get rolling with the planning.


Jessica said...

I came across your blog after finding your shop on Etsy! You are so talented!! I'm in the process of planning my baby boy's "My Little Farm 1st Birthday Party ad I am both inspired and overwhelmed after seeing all your boy's parties! How do you do all the details? All the printables alone have me overwhelmed! How do you do all of these? I know you can order them on etsy but is there somewhere that shows you how to make them or even just print them once you purchaglce the design? I have so many ideas and I keep asking mysel is it worth it?! I have to pull this off and after I do, I am going to order one of your keepsake boxes as a memory! Any advice is helpful!!

January Hart said...

Boy, do I know just what you mean! It's overwhelming...the whole process. Even after several parties under my belt, I still get in over my head most of the time and try to "do it all" wayy too much. But we want cute parties, right? I might suggest going with a good etsy seller who not only offers the files for you to print yourself, but who ALSO offers the service of printing and cutting everything out for you all ready to go. It may cost you a little more, but you can't beat having the paper party goods showing up on your doorstep all prepped and ready to go. After you get them and see how they all were cut out, put together, etc, then maybe the next time you can just order the printable files and give it a try with a more "do it yourself" approach. There are alot of really great etsy sellers out there that offer both services. Many of them will have info about the extra printing service somewhere in their listings.
My opinion is that yes, it is worth it! I realize my boys could probably care less about the really teeny tiny details like I do, but I just keep thinking about the times they will go back through those photos and hopefully they will get a sense of how much mom loves them through all the little details. It's kinda like my little yearly love letter to them, as corny as that sounds. (My husband would call it one very pricey love letter!Ha!)

I'm sure your party will come together great, Jessica! Feel free to email me for moral support if you'd like as you're pulling out your hair in the coming weeks! Ha! I kid! Good luck!

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