Another school year gone...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My heart is a bit heavy today. I'm feeling all nostalgic and weepy on the eve of my little boy's last day of school this year. I can tell this is going to be something I struggle with each year as another school year comes to an end. Like most parents, I can hardly believe how quickly he is growing up. Some days I find myself looking at him, wishing I could freeze time and keep him small...small enough to always want to play with me, to give me hugs and kisses and small enough to want to do our secret "I love you" hand code that's reserved just for he and I. When the days seem long and I want nothing more than just to put the kids to sleep for the night, I try to remember these special times with my boys. I don't always succeed at it, but I do often attempt to keep it all in perspective.

The days are long, but the years are short.

Pierce has had a terrific year in school. He has had wonderful, wonderful teachers who have truly helped him blossom. They are the kind of teachers that care tremendously for their students and it shows. After the rough year we had last year with school and a new baby in the house, it has been so nice seeing him thrive in his current class.  I will miss what a terrific combination his teachers were together this year.

 As a small gesture of thanks, I made some fun and colorful glazed popcorn just for these ladies to start off their summer. Though lighthearted and perhaps a bit campy, the sentiments on the packaging could not be more from the heart. I hope they have some sense of how much of an impact they have had on these children this year-- my little one, in particular. I can't thank them enough for the wonderful year it has been.

And so now, I guess I should attempt to dry up the tears and officially welcome in summer!


Karin Marie said...

These look awesome! I bet the teachers loved them!! how did u do this? The popcorn looks soo yummy!

January Hart said...

Thanks so much, Karin! I made a few batches of the popular jello mix ingredient recipe that you can find floating online.(Try searching "Rainbow Popcorn" or "Jello Popcorn" and you'll see several versions of it.) I did batches of cherry, lime, grape and peach popcorn. Then, I just tossed all the batches together to get the multi colored effect. The teachers loved it! You should give it a try! :)

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