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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seeing all the beautiful baby photos that come through my inbox for photo blocks never gets old for me. I get SO excited to see each and every one of them! As I'm creating these keepsakes, I'm always reminded of how special each of these precious little ones must be to their parents and the joy they surely bring to them. This week I had the privilege of working with Kristen to create these special blocks just in time for Mother's Day! She'll be giving them to the moms in her life, including her daughter's birth mother. I thought that was such a wonderful and thoughtful idea....such a special way to remember that common bond they now share.

Meet Baby Faith. (I love this name!) Isn't she a doll?!!
Now you see why I couldn't help but share her with you all! SO sweet!!

That sweet little smile kills me!

Thanks again, Kristen! Enjoy every moment with that precious new baby!
And Happy Mother's Day to you!! I hope it's a special one!

To all of my customers who allow me to create these special little keepsakes for you, thank you. I love taking this teeny tiny part in your lives. I hope you'll enjoy the memories that these bring for years to come. As a mom, myself, I know how fast the time goes. It's nice to look back and remember....especially when the tough years come and all we'll want to do is go back to simplier times when our "baby" was still our "baby".  :)



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Thanks, Denise!! Yep, she's definitely a beauty!!

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