Easter Chic on the Cheap

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So the first couple of years of being a stay-at-home momma were tough....tough and often times lonely. I loved being home with our first born, but it was an isolating experience some days. I'm sure the same story can be told for lots of new moms out there. Fortunately though, once Pierce, our oldest, began a mom's day out program two days a week, the socialization phaze of the childhood and parenting experience suddenly began. It was so great meeting other moms and actually having other playmates for Pierce. This is also about the time that a fellow mom introduced me to the MOPS program(Mothers of Preschoolers). Once a month these moms get together(childcare provided. Yay!), have a brunch type buffet, listen to topical speakers and round out the meeting with a craft and some mom chitchat. I loved it immediately! Hello!! A smorgasbord of yummy food and crafting?? I was SO in!
I loved the program so much that I signed up to lead crafts the next year! While it's often times alot of prep work, I really do love coming up with simple ideas that even the less-than-crafty gal can accomplish. My goal was to hopefully inspire some of these moms to go home and create some things on their own or to expand on the craft we did for a particular meeting. Exercising my own creativity is such a necessary and vital part of  feeling balanced in my own life. It allows me to recharge my batteries and have a sense of purpose to my day that doesn't revolve solely around my children. (Love you kids, but momma needs a break!) My hope was that maybe other moms just might feel the same way.

So this month, because the issue of budget is always at the forefront of any of our chosen crafts, I challenged us all to use some of the most basic items(and consequently we had most of them already!) to create a really eye-catching Easter display for our homes. Each of us made three eggs and left with the knowledge and supply list to go home and make more if we chose to.
Want to make your own Easter Chic for Cheap??

Here's the checklist of supplies:
Your basic run of the mill plastic fill eggs(larger ones work even better here due to the cylindrical shape)
Mod Podge
Bandaid size fabric scraps
Foam paintbrush

Egg decoupaging in process here at the meeting.

No major secrets to this process. Cut out your fabric scraps and have ready before you pour out your mod podge. Then it's just a simple repeat process of glueing scraps all over your egg and covering the entire finished egg with another coat of the mod podge. Let dry and repeat until your heart's content with your other eggs. It's a messy craft, but well worth the effort.
I have mine displayed in a pretty glass apothecary/candy jar with some spring green paper grass on our mantle along with my peeps bunting and other spring decor. For less than a dollar an egg, I'd say cheap never looked so chic!

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