Back in the Saddle Again!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So I have this niece. Her name is Paris and she's my one and only, most special niece. Before she was even born, I used to sew all kinds of things for her, all in preparation for her arrival. She was the sole princess in the family! Unfortunately though, that all came to a screeching halt when I became pregnant with our first child. You know how it're either too tired, sick, or frankly, too BIG to get around the sewing machine. So, her mom(my sister) asked me a few weeks ago to make Paris a dress to wear for some family pictures. I figured I had some serious making up to do in this area, so I decided then and there to try to make it right and create something special for her.

Here's my sweet Paris recently at her 7th birthday party.

And here she is much younger in a few of the things I've sewn for her over the years. It's so funny and strange to see these old photos. Where does the time go???

So, anyway, a couple of weeks ago I posted a photo here of the fabrics I was planning to use for her dress. After letting them hang around in my studio for a while, I finally decided on and drafted out a style that I feel really represents her spunky and sweet little personality.
Here's what I came up with...

I SO love the way the ruffles meet at the sideseams. Had fabric yardage not been a factor, I would have had a seam down the front and back of the dress giving that same bias effect you see here. I love it!

I threw together a little fleur to put in her hair as well.

I can't wait to see those family photos! I know she'll shine like the spunky little princess she is!

Going through alot of these old photos has me a bit nostalgic for the days before my two little ones were even a thought in my head. I was young and carefree! Lack of time was never a factor. Atleast, that's how I look at it now.'s all about perspective. :) Sewing and designing for other people's children day and night, night and day. I loved it! Alot of why I loved it was because of a very, very special little girl named Chaislyn. She was my model, my muse. Her mom, Lorri, was (and still is!) a wonderful photographer and a very dear friend of mine. No matter how busy life gets or the fact that we move in different circles these days, she remains a wonderful friend who I can call tomorrow if I need to for advice or just to chat. We always, always just pick up where we left off. I love friends like that. Such a wonderful thing to have in life, I think. 

Anyway, the three of us made a great team. As I looked through some of the photos for this post, it brought it all back for me. We had so many fun times shooting with Chaislyn. We started this back in roughly 2002 and did it until I became pregnant in late 2005(I think. It's all a bit foggy for me now). I've gotten to watch this little girl grow up before my eyes. Today she is ten and I can hardly believe what a wonderful and talented young lady she is!  I'm consistently amazed at how much she has grown, and again, what talent she has at such a young age. This girl can perform, ya'll!!

I pulled a few photos from the archives to share a little of what I used to do and also to show off Miss Chaislyn a bit!
Here we go....

Somehow, I got zoned in on this idea of using some vintage "Daddy's ties" for a design. This is what came about from that. I thought it had a very "collegiate" look about it. Luckily, I like a collegiate look and so did my customers. :)

This one was titled "Old New Orleans" and appropriately enough, I did it just before Hurricane Katrina hit my hometown of New Orleans. I still have a soft spot for this one. Guess it reminds me of that difficult time.

This was a fun one to make! I still love the effect of all that rouching.

This is a couple of pieces from one of the collections I designed for Baby Gassy Gooma. I can't remember where I found that vintage fabric, but I loved it...still do! Oh how I love the look and feel of the 40's and 50's combined with a little modern approach!

...More of that 1940's look that I love.
Chaislyn still looks as adorable in this set as I remember! Such a cutie!!

Seeing this design again tickles me. I really always have loved that bias cut look. I guess it sticks with me subconsiously, somehow. Funny how we all have those certain things/likes that define something about our style/personality.

Thanks for the memories, girls!! Miss C, I know I'll be whipping out photos like this one below of you and I someday and saying, "I knew her when..."  :)

Sorry for the marathon post there. I get carried away looking through old photos. Just ask my husband. It makes him crazy to see how long I can sit and pour over old memorabilia. Guess I've always been a bit of a packrat romantic. Our tenth anniversary is fast approaching, hubby. Hope you're getting psyched up for a funfilled marathon of looking through wedding photos/videos together. awwwww.  :)


denise said...

You are quite a TALENTED lady!!!!! I would purchase dresses from you if you are selling!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

The babies, kids and designs are really gorgeous! Congratulations on your choices!
Near my Buenos Aires apartments there was a lovely clothing shop, but these designs are better.

January Hart said...

Thank you both very much!! I've been toying with the idea of designing childrenswear once again. We shall see...never enough hours in the day to do all I'd like to do! :)
Thanks again for your sweet comments!

Susan said... cook, sew and take fabulous pictures! What can't you do???

I'm going to have you make some dresses for my 3 granddaughters.


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