In Honor of Will and Kate...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sadly, I was too young to remember the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. I've heard much discussion about it though. I understand that for lots of little (and big) girls it was nothing less than magical to see the ceremony and of course, the dress(the dress!!). So, while I haven't made a big show of it, I'm secretly pretty excited to see Will and Kate's festivities this week! I mean, how often does a girl get to marry a real prince?? Not very often, I tell you. I can't imagine the pressure happening right about now as they do all the final prepping hoping for absolute perfection. It's a tough task, but I'm sure they will come through with an absolutely beautiful ceremony and there won't be a dry eye in the house as the tribute to Diana commences. So, in honor of Will and Kate, let's have a "Royalty" sale! Through this weekend, save 20% on both the Princess and Prince Photo Blocks in my shop for all of my Facebook friends. You can find the promo code over there. Not a friend yet? No problem. There's a convenient little link over there to your right. See it? Go ahead and click it and join us....c' times, I promise! :) Please share the fun with your friends and family as well.

So have your hankies ready for the big event on friday and inbetween all the tears of joy, head over to the shop and get your own little prince or princess their own taste of being royalty with these special little keepsakes.

Back in the Saddle Again!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So I have this niece. Her name is Paris and she's my one and only, most special niece. Before she was even born, I used to sew all kinds of things for her, all in preparation for her arrival. She was the sole princess in the family! Unfortunately though, that all came to a screeching halt when I became pregnant with our first child. You know how it're either too tired, sick, or frankly, too BIG to get around the sewing machine. So, her mom(my sister) asked me a few weeks ago to make Paris a dress to wear for some family pictures. I figured I had some serious making up to do in this area, so I decided then and there to try to make it right and create something special for her.

Here's my sweet Paris recently at her 7th birthday party.

And here she is much younger in a few of the things I've sewn for her over the years. It's so funny and strange to see these old photos. Where does the time go???

So, anyway, a couple of weeks ago I posted a photo here of the fabrics I was planning to use for her dress. After letting them hang around in my studio for a while, I finally decided on and drafted out a style that I feel really represents her spunky and sweet little personality.
Here's what I came up with...

I SO love the way the ruffles meet at the sideseams. Had fabric yardage not been a factor, I would have had a seam down the front and back of the dress giving that same bias effect you see here. I love it!

I threw together a little fleur to put in her hair as well.

I can't wait to see those family photos! I know she'll shine like the spunky little princess she is!

Going through alot of these old photos has me a bit nostalgic for the days before my two little ones were even a thought in my head. I was young and carefree! Lack of time was never a factor. Atleast, that's how I look at it now.'s all about perspective. :) Sewing and designing for other people's children day and night, night and day. I loved it! Alot of why I loved it was because of a very, very special little girl named Chaislyn. She was my model, my muse. Her mom, Lorri, was (and still is!) a wonderful photographer and a very dear friend of mine. No matter how busy life gets or the fact that we move in different circles these days, she remains a wonderful friend who I can call tomorrow if I need to for advice or just to chat. We always, always just pick up where we left off. I love friends like that. Such a wonderful thing to have in life, I think. 

Anyway, the three of us made a great team. As I looked through some of the photos for this post, it brought it all back for me. We had so many fun times shooting with Chaislyn. We started this back in roughly 2002 and did it until I became pregnant in late 2005(I think. It's all a bit foggy for me now). I've gotten to watch this little girl grow up before my eyes. Today she is ten and I can hardly believe what a wonderful and talented young lady she is!  I'm consistently amazed at how much she has grown, and again, what talent she has at such a young age. This girl can perform, ya'll!!

I pulled a few photos from the archives to share a little of what I used to do and also to show off Miss Chaislyn a bit!
Here we go....

Somehow, I got zoned in on this idea of using some vintage "Daddy's ties" for a design. This is what came about from that. I thought it had a very "collegiate" look about it. Luckily, I like a collegiate look and so did my customers. :)

This one was titled "Old New Orleans" and appropriately enough, I did it just before Hurricane Katrina hit my hometown of New Orleans. I still have a soft spot for this one. Guess it reminds me of that difficult time.

This was a fun one to make! I still love the effect of all that rouching.

This is a couple of pieces from one of the collections I designed for Baby Gassy Gooma. I can't remember where I found that vintage fabric, but I loved it...still do! Oh how I love the look and feel of the 40's and 50's combined with a little modern approach!

...More of that 1940's look that I love.
Chaislyn still looks as adorable in this set as I remember! Such a cutie!!

Seeing this design again tickles me. I really always have loved that bias cut look. I guess it sticks with me subconsiously, somehow. Funny how we all have those certain things/likes that define something about our style/personality.

Thanks for the memories, girls!! Miss C, I know I'll be whipping out photos like this one below of you and I someday and saying, "I knew her when..."  :)

Sorry for the marathon post there. I get carried away looking through old photos. Just ask my husband. It makes him crazy to see how long I can sit and pour over old memorabilia. Guess I've always been a bit of a packrat romantic. Our tenth anniversary is fast approaching, hubby. Hope you're getting psyched up for a funfilled marathon of looking through wedding photos/videos together. awwwww.  :)

I never tire of it...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seeing all the beautiful baby photos that come through my inbox for photo blocks never gets old for me. I get SO excited to see each and every one of them! As I'm creating these keepsakes, I'm always reminded of how special each of these precious little ones must be to their parents and the joy they surely bring to them. This week I had the privilege of working with Kristen to create these special blocks just in time for Mother's Day! She'll be giving them to the moms in her life, including her daughter's birth mother. I thought that was such a wonderful and thoughtful idea....such a special way to remember that common bond they now share.

Meet Baby Faith. (I love this name!) Isn't she a doll?!!
Now you see why I couldn't help but share her with you all! SO sweet!!

That sweet little smile kills me!

Thanks again, Kristen! Enjoy every moment with that precious new baby!
And Happy Mother's Day to you!! I hope it's a special one!

To all of my customers who allow me to create these special little keepsakes for you, thank you. I love taking this teeny tiny part in your lives. I hope you'll enjoy the memories that these bring for years to come. As a mom, myself, I know how fast the time goes. It's nice to look back and remember....especially when the tough years come and all we'll want to do is go back to simplier times when our "baby" was still our "baby".  :)


Thought for Thursday

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick, Quick!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Now through Easter Sunday! 20% off Easter style photo blocks for all Facebook Fans! So scoot on over to the shop's Fan page(link to your right over there), "like" us and then use the coupon code "BUNNY20" on Easter products in the shop! Share with your friends and family! These make GREAT personalized Easter basket gifts and grandparent gifts as well! So get to hoppin' shoppin'!!

It's the simple things in life...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Some of the smallest things just really make me happy. These are a few of them today....

I couldn't help myself this morning....had to pick up these lovely bottles of sparkling pink lemonade. "Premium French Soda"....I love that. :)
If they taste even half as yummy as they look, I'll be one happy gal.

Ok, the labels and packaging, alone, totally put these in the "have-to-have category" for me! So sparkly and wonderfully made. These are seriously making me happy today. Can't wait to use these beauties!

I've been keeping these fabrics all laid out in my studio where I can see them, simply because the combination makes me smile. Well, that, AND the fact that I'll be making a dress with them for my sweet niece in the next couple of weeks for some family photos. That cotton candy pink ruffle fabric seriously makes me swoon. Love it! husband. My dear wonderful husband...He did something completely wonderful for me this past weekend! Yep. Here are some sneak peeks of it. Yeah, I know it doesn't look like much now, but just wait! 
Trust me....amazing and adorable!!

I cannot wait to reveal his handywork to the world with this project. He exceeded all of my expectations and I couldn't be more pleased with how it's coming along. Thanks, hubby! You made me proud!
Stay tuned for the finished results!

It's about to become a rainy day here for us, but these little goodies are definitely bringing in the sunshine for me today. I hope something is bringing you oodles of happiness today.


Oh, how I love a suprise!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love an excuse to be part of a suprise. Giving end, receiving end, doesn't much matter to me. I just love a suprise! Yesterday, though, it happened to be about being on the giving end. Here's how this particular suprise came about. Lately, I've been working on trying to instill some important life lessons in my four-year-old, all age appropriate, mind you.

  • No Fruity Pebbles in mom and dad's bed(what a ginormous mess that is to clean!)
  • Stop watching Mighty Beanz computer videos long enough to go the bathroom when you need to!
  • Say your "please" and "thank you's"
and so on and so forth... 

One of these life lessons has been the very simple (yet so very important to me) lesson of doing things for others and the reward of simply seeing the joy it brings to them. I can still hear my own mother telling me as a child, "Jan, the whole world does not revolve solely around you!" A bit harsh maybe, but it has served me well in my life thus far. I only wish I had lived it a bit more fully in my twenties. My hope and prayer is that my boys will understand this early on and have a desire to think beyond just themselves.
So, I thought it would be a fun little exercise for us to suprise his cousins with a little in a suprise "egging" of their house. That being "egging" in a good way not the heathen approach taken previously by men boys. So, armed with yummy Easter treat-filled eggs, an inflatable chick and some snazzy festive window cling-ons, we took off to begin Operation: Suprise.

Pierce and I agreed that Flaming hot cheetos was the only way to go for the less conventional easter carrots.
Only the very best for family.

The happiness it brought to Pierce's face to get the much anticipated phone call from his cousins that the suprise was, indeed, a suprise, was so much fun! He was so proud and took full ownership of his handywork.
Of course once the phone call ended, he was quick to ask when or if this suprise would be reciprocated....Baby steps, I say.

Want to suprise someone today? Doesn't have to be a fancy or huge production. A simple dollar store basket and some sweet treats could be all it takes to make someone's day. Head over here to get your too cute "You've been egged!" proclaimation.


Easter Chic on the Cheap

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So the first couple of years of being a stay-at-home momma were tough....tough and often times lonely. I loved being home with our first born, but it was an isolating experience some days. I'm sure the same story can be told for lots of new moms out there. Fortunately though, once Pierce, our oldest, began a mom's day out program two days a week, the socialization phaze of the childhood and parenting experience suddenly began. It was so great meeting other moms and actually having other playmates for Pierce. This is also about the time that a fellow mom introduced me to the MOPS program(Mothers of Preschoolers). Once a month these moms get together(childcare provided. Yay!), have a brunch type buffet, listen to topical speakers and round out the meeting with a craft and some mom chitchat. I loved it immediately! Hello!! A smorgasbord of yummy food and crafting?? I was SO in!
I loved the program so much that I signed up to lead crafts the next year! While it's often times alot of prep work, I really do love coming up with simple ideas that even the less-than-crafty gal can accomplish. My goal was to hopefully inspire some of these moms to go home and create some things on their own or to expand on the craft we did for a particular meeting. Exercising my own creativity is such a necessary and vital part of  feeling balanced in my own life. It allows me to recharge my batteries and have a sense of purpose to my day that doesn't revolve solely around my children. (Love you kids, but momma needs a break!) My hope was that maybe other moms just might feel the same way.

So this month, because the issue of budget is always at the forefront of any of our chosen crafts, I challenged us all to use some of the most basic items(and consequently we had most of them already!) to create a really eye-catching Easter display for our homes. Each of us made three eggs and left with the knowledge and supply list to go home and make more if we chose to.
Want to make your own Easter Chic for Cheap??

Here's the checklist of supplies:
Your basic run of the mill plastic fill eggs(larger ones work even better here due to the cylindrical shape)
Mod Podge
Bandaid size fabric scraps
Foam paintbrush

Egg decoupaging in process here at the meeting.

No major secrets to this process. Cut out your fabric scraps and have ready before you pour out your mod podge. Then it's just a simple repeat process of glueing scraps all over your egg and covering the entire finished egg with another coat of the mod podge. Let dry and repeat until your heart's content with your other eggs. It's a messy craft, but well worth the effort.
I have mine displayed in a pretty glass apothecary/candy jar with some spring green paper grass on our mantle along with my peeps bunting and other spring decor. For less than a dollar an egg, I'd say cheap never looked so chic!

Tip Junkie handmade projects
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