Every kid loves a party....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

...and my two are no different. A very close friend of mine from highschool had a party for her little girl yesterday at Gymboree. My boys had THE time of their lives at that place! Bubbles, music, maraccas, slides, tumbling, shooting hoops...what's not to love, right? Here they are, along with the birthday girl livin' it up!

So, my friend, Natalie isn't a self proclaimed "pink girl"(what's her problem, anyway??..just kidding, love you, Nat) like I would probably label myself as so buying/creating gifts for her two girls is tough for me. Having two boys and not many other little girls to buy for, when the opportunity to buy or make something for a little girl comes around I want to go CRAZY with the pink gifts and wrappings! But.....I contain myself and settle with my next favorite color for any little girl(and consequently, it's my friend's favorite too. whew!)....the softest of lavenders.
So I came up with a little trio photo block gift set for the birthday girl's room, which you can see here in my shop if you're in the market for one supercute gift for any lucky little girl.
Sorry, couldn't help myself. Ha!

So, anyway, I thought I'd share a quick gift wrapping idea that's pretty quick and pretty cute if I do say so myself!
I created a little "Birthday Girl" image via my computer that I cut out with one of my circle punches. I initially couldn't decide on a pale lime border or a chocolate brown border. Although I love brown, I ultimately decided on the pale lime for my friend.

Next, I made a small tissue flower pom pom to add to the top of my box. It's really simple and always makes a nice presentation. Martha Stewart has a nice tutorial here. Easy peasy.
Then I just added a fat ribbon to my box and some little 3-D sticky doos to the backside of my circle and it was a done deal. Simple, pretty, easy. The way I like it. Ok, I admit it. I like complicated and time consuming as well. I've always been weird like that. :)

A sweet gift for one extra sweet little girl!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful first day of spring! The weather is beautiful here!


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